Do you ship outside of Edmonton?

As of right now we only ship to Edmonton and surrounding areas such as St. Albert, Sherwood Park and Spruce Grove. We're new and once we are ready to we will happily expand our shipping boundaries.

How do I sign up for a monthly subscription chocolate box?

Choose a subscription box package, select your chocolate bar flavours and enter in your billing, shipping and credit card information. It's quite simple, really. Once you purchase with us you will receive an email to activate your Orca Chocolate account, please activate it so you can easily manage your subscription.

Is there an activation fee to join Orca Chocolate?

No fees! You're already paying for delicious chocolate. Why would we charge an activation fee? We don't like those either.

When can I expect my Chocolate to be delivered?

Your chocolate will be delivered to your doorstep the first week of the month.

When do I get billed?

When you first sign up with Orca Chocolate, you will be billed at the day or purchase. Future subscription billings will occur the first day of the month every month.

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes! You can easily sign in to your account to pause your subscription. You can also skip months if you would like a break. You can resume your subscription whenever you want!

Can I skip monthly deliveries?

Yes! You can easily sign in to your account to skip months if you would like a break. 

Can I change flavours for future deliveries?

Yes! You can easily sign in to your account change flavours for upcoming deliveries. Please try to do this two weeks in advance so we can prepare your order accordingly.

What is your cancellation policy?

No penalties, no fees, no hassles. We will of course be sad to see you go and might ask you why you are cancelling, but we want our members to leave Orca Chocolate and look happily back on the experience and many members decide to take a break and then rejoin in the future!

You can easily sign in to your account to deactivate or pause your subscription. You can also skip months if you would like a break from chocolate deliveries. Feel free to contact us at info@orcachocolate.com if you have any questions!

Should I be concerned about nut allergies?

Orca Chocolate offers products with peanuts. While we take steps to minimize the risk of cross contamination, we cannot guarantee that any of our products are safe to consumer for people with peanut allergies.

Is there anyone I can talk to if I have additional questions or concerns?

Yes. Feel free to contact Orca Chocolate at info@orcachocolate.com. Our office hours are between 9:00am-5:00pm MST, Monday to Friday and we will always get back to your email within 1 - 2 business days.