Mouth watering goodness at your doorstep every month.

Orca Chocolate is the worlds first premium chocolate subscription that can truly boast guilt-free. Our chocolate is no gmo, raw, vegan, certified organic cacao, no refined sugar, no soy, no corn, no wheat, ethically sourced, nutritious, refrigerated and best of all melt in your mouth deliciousness.

We make the most delicious raw vegan chocolate using carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality and nutritional value.

Our chocolate is always made from shade-grown, ethically-sourced, and certified organic cacao. Nuts, other whole foods, and/or natural food grade essential oils are combined with our pure chocolate to create our products. We process everything below 47.8°C (118°F) to preserve the enzymes and nutrients. This allows us to deliver extremely high quality, healthy, and delicious chocolate.